13 Amici Filed with SCOTUS Supporting Nautilus’ Blackbeard Copyright Lawsuit 

A total of thirteen briefs were filed Tuesday with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting Rick Allen and Nautilus Productions in their case against the State of North Carolina, the N.C. Department of Natural & Cultural Resources and the Friends of Queen Anne’s Revenge nonprofit, captioned Allen v. Cooper (No. 18-877). These briefs were authored or joined by dozens of legal experts and associations, and thousands of corporations, including; The Chamber of Commerce of the United States & The Copyright Alliance, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. (The Wall Street Journal), Oracle America, Inc., Recording Industry Association of America, American Association of Independent Music, and National Music Publishers’ Association, The Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago, The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Software & Information Industry Association, Washington Legal Foundation, American Soc…
Blackbeard's Bounty Due!
August 3, 1721: Three years after the killing of Blackbeard the Pirate the wives & widows of HMS Pearl & Lyme's crews petition through Captain George Gordon to His Majesty the King for the bounty or "head" money owed to them. READ MORE

‘A hand for Rick’: Underwater videographer Rick Allen overcomes near fatal accident
Underwater videographer Rick Allen was nearly killed when an oxygen tank exploded at his home. A wide circle of friends cheered him to recovery. "Don’t worry about getting back in the water. Swimming in circles is not so bad... I should know; that’s what my daughters told me when I had my knee replaced,” one blogger commented. It was a reference to Allen’s love of the ocean, where he makes a living as a videographer and filmmaker. Since about 1998, he has been documenting the archaeological reclamation of the pirate Blackbeard’s shipwreck, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. READ THE STORY

United States Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Blackbeard Copyright Case
Modern Day Piracy on the Queen Anne’s Revenge
In 2015, according to a complaint filed in federal court, North Carolina pirated
footage of Blackbeard flagship, the QueenAnne’s Revenge. Then North
Carolina passed “Blackbeard’s Law” to justify that misuse. Rick Allen of
Nautilus Productions is now taking his case to the Supreme Court of the United
States. The issue is whether Congress validly abrogated state sovereign
immunity via theCopyright Remedy Clarification Act in providing remedies
for authors of original expression whose federal copyrights are infringed by
states. North Carolina maintains that sovereign immunity prevents it from being
held liable for damages, as other copyright infringers would be.
Nautilus owner, Rick Allen, stated, “We are obviously gratified that the United
States Supreme Court has agreed to hear our case. The Constitution of the
United States of America expressly empowers Congress to grant copyrigh…
Blackbeard's Shipwreck And The Hook!
NPR's Dick Gordon speaks with longtime diver Rick Allen, the underwater videographer of the 18th century Blackbeard's pirate ship, about losing his arm in an accident and then being fitted with an iron arm and hand that he now dives with. LISTEN TO PODCAST

NC Claims Shipwreck Video & Images!
North Carolina claims shipwreck images and video in its custody are N.C. property in intellectual property rights grab. The law passed in 2015 is still on the books. READ MORE

Blackbeard's Crew Meets The Noose!
March 12, 1719: Blackbeard's pirate associates are tried in Williamsburg, VA. Records indicate that one is acquitted, one is pardoned and the other 14 pirates are hanged. Of the two who escaped the gallows, Samuel Odel proved that he had participated in the bloody fight with Virginia troops out of necessity and was only a guest at a drinking party on Thach's ship and not a pirate. The other, Israel Hands, was not present at the fight. He claimed that during a drinking session Blackbeard had shot him in the knee, and that he was still covered by the royal pardon. Hands then testified against corrupt North Carolina officials, including Tobias Knight, the Secretary of North Carolina under Governor Charles Eden, with whom Thach had consorted. The bodies of the remaining pirates were left to rot in gibbets every half mile along Williamsburg's Capitol Landing Road (Representative Image). READ MORE.
Blackbeard's Head On Display!
January 3, 1719: Lt. Robert Maynard returns to Hampton River (Kequitan/Kecoughtan), Virginia with Blackbeard’s head hanging from his bowsprit and Thache's sloop Adventure [II] as his prize. While moored Maynard writes in his log, "Little wind & fair weather, this day I anchored here from North Carolina in the Adventure Sloop Edward Thache formerly Master (a Pyrat) whose head I hung Under the Bowsprete of the Said Sloop in order to present it to ye Colony of Virginia & ye goods and Effects of the said Pyrat I delivered to my Commanders Dispersal." The notorious pirate had been killed during a ferocious battle near Ocracoke, North Carolina. Cannons roared and townspeople cheered when they saw the horrific trophy sailing up the river toward the King Street docks. According to tradition, the head is placed on a pike in the water, at the site now known as Blackbeard’s Point at the entrance to Hampton Creek (now Hampton River, Virginia…