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Blackbeard's Lieutenant Attacks!

March 28, 1718: One of Blackbeard's lieutenants, Captain Richard and his sloop Revenge, attacks the Protestant Caesar out of Bostoncaptained by William Wyer. The Protestant Caesar is collecting logwood, a 30-40 foot tall, irregular-trunked tree used as a source of a dark bluish-red dye. At 9 pm the crew of the 400 ton, 26 gun Protestant Caesar fights a three hour battle with the Revenge in the Bay of Honduras. Around midnight Richard and his pirates break off the fight and sail North to seek reinforcements. Representative image.

Slave Ship Forced To Port!

March 19, 1717: La Concorde is forced to return to the port of Mindin at the mouth of Loire river. Previously on March 17, stormy weather drove the ship north along the French coast and the crew was forced to shelter in the lee of the island of Groix. The next morning, the howling winds force the crew to cut loose their anchor cable and abandon their 1500-pound anchor. The ship, pushed by strong winds, manages to avoid running hard aground despite hitting sand banks as many as three times. From Groix, La Concorde then sails to the island of Ho√ędic, in the Bay of Biscay west of Nantes, to wait out the storm. When the winds finally calm, the ship enters Mindin at the mouth of the Loire to replace their lost anchor and resupply for their journey to the African coast. La Concorde remains in port for nearly two weeks before once again setting sail for Africa. Representative image. 

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Slaveship LaConcorde Begins Her Voyage!  March 13, 1717:La Concorde de Nantes begins her final run as a French slave trader. Departing from the Loire River port of Nantes, which was the center of the French slave trade in the 1700's, she is armed with 16 cannons and carries a crew of 75. In 1710 she was owned by the well-known businessman Rene Montaudoin when she sailed as a French privateer during Queen Anne’s War. As a privateer she was heavily armed and carried 26 guns. During that voyage the crew captured several slave vessels along the triangle route to the west coast of Africa and Martinique before lingering in the Caribbean during the spring and summer of 1711. At the end of Queen Anne's War, Montaudoin added La Concorde to his fleet of slave vessels, where she completed two voyages, returning to France in 1714 and 1716.

Pirates, Pistols & Pardons! 
March 12, 1719:Blackbeard's pirate associates are tried in Williamsburg, VA. Records indicate that one is acquitted, one is pardoned and the other 14 pirates are hanged. Of the two who escaped the gallows, one proved that he had participated in the bloody fight with Virginia troops out of necessity and was only a guest at a drinking party on Thach's ship and not a pirate. The other, Israel Hands, was not present at the fight. He claimed that during a drinking session Blackbeard had shot him in the knee, and that he was still covered by the royal pardon. Hands then testified against corrupt North Carolina officials with whom Thach had consorted. The bodies of the remaining pirates were left to rot in gibbets along Williamsburg's Capitol Landing Road. Click here for More