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Blackbeard's Head On Display!
January 3, 1719: Lt. Robert Maynard returns to Hampton River (Kequitan/Kecoughtan), Virginia with Blackbeard’s head hanging from his bowsprit and Thache's sloop Adventure [II] as his prize. While moored Maynard writes in his log, "Little wind & fair weather, this day I anchored here from North Carolina in the Adventure Sloop Edward Thache formerly Master (a Pyrat) whose head I hung Under the Bowsprete of the Said Sloop in order to present it to ye Colony of Virginia & ye goods and Effects of the said Pyrat I delivered to my Commanders Dispersal." The notorious pirate had been killed during a ferocious battle near Ocracoke, North Carolina. Cannons roared and townspeople cheered when they saw the horrific trophy sailing up the river toward the King Street docks. According to tradition, the head is placed on a pike in the water, at the site now known as Blackbeard’s Point at the entrance to Hampton Creek (now Hampton River, Virginia…