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Blackbeard Captures Two Prizes!
August 23, 1718: Blackbeard and his crew on the Adventure [II] spy two French merchant ships, one fully laden and the other in ballast, sailing Northward from the Caribbean island of Martinique. The Rose Emelye, loaded with bags of cocoa and barrels of refined sugar, is in the company of the unarmed La Toison d’Or. Both are returning to France via the Gulf Stream. After a brief and futile fight, and some damage to Blackbeard's Revenge and his crew, the pirates take both prizes and set course for North Carolina with one of the fully laden ships. The French crewmen are sent on their way in the other merchant vessel. READ MORE

Pirate Bonnet Heads For Carolina!
August 12, 1718: On this day in 1718, "Gentleman Pirate" Stede Bonnet's sloop-of-war flagship the Royal James and two other armed sloops, the Francis and the Fortune, captured a shallop as they sailed from Delaware Bay into the Cape Fear River. The Royal James was Blackbeard's former sloop and armed with eight cannon. The other two sloops were similarly armed. All together, 46 pirates crewed them. The Royal James was badly in need of careening with hurricane season quickly approaching and Bonnet had chosen the Cape Fear estuary as a reliable shelter against storms. For the next few weeks, Bonnet's crew made repairs to the Royal James with materials salvaged from the captured shallop. In the coming month, reports of Bonnet's presence in the region would make their way to South Carolina Governor Robert Johnson, prompting him to issue an order for Militia Colonel William Rhett to command an operation "to destroy the pirate …
Warrant Issued for Blackbeard's Arrest!
August 11, 1718:Governor William Keith of Pennsylvania issues a warrant for Blackbeard's arrest based on the belief Thache is trading with merchants in Philadelphia. "Upon an Informacon that one Teach a Noted Pirate, who has Done the Greatest Mischeif of any to this Place, has been Lurking for some Days in & about this Town I have Granted a Provincial warrant for his being apprehended, if possible to be found, & Several other petty Informacons of Late gives me Cause to Suspect that many of the Pirates that have Lately Surrendered themselves & Obtained Certificates from this & the neighbouring Governments, do still keep a Correspondence with their Old Companions abroad. To Prevent the Evil Consequences, whereof I am of Opinion it will be Convenient on the Sixth Day of the Next Month When his Majesties Act of Grace to the Pirates doth Expire, to publish a Proclamation here, Certifying a fresh the Encouragements which …