Slaveship LaConcorde Begins Her Voyage! 

March 13, 1717: La Concorde de Nantes begins her final run as a French slave trader. Departing from the Loire River port of Nantes, which was the center of the French slave trade in the 1700's, she is armed with 16 cannons and carries a crew of 75. In 1710 she was owned by the well-known businessman Rene Montaudoin when she sailed as a French privateer during Queen Anne’s War. As a privateer she was heavily armed and carried 26 guns. During that voyage the crew captured several slave vessels along the triangle route to the west coast of Africa and Martinique before lingering in the Caribbean during the spring and summer of 1711. At the end of Queen Anne's War, Montaudoin added La Concorde to his fleet of slave vessels, where she completed two voyages, returning to France in 1714 and 1716.

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