Blackbeard's First Prize!

December 13, 1716: Henry Timberlake, the master of the 40 ton brigantine 'Lamb' loaded with a cargo of barrel staves and shingles, reports he was overtaken by two pirate vessels off western Hispaniola. At 8 in the evening the pirate sloop 'Delight,' commanded by Benjamin Hornigold, fired several warning shots and commanded the 'Lamb' to drop sail. Timberlake reports that the pirates absconded with “Three Barrils of Porke, one of Beef, two of peese, three of Markrill five Barrils of onions Several Dozen Caggs of oysters most of his Cloaths and all his Ships Stores Except about Fforty Biskets and a very Small quantity of meat just to bring them in and threw Some of their Staves over board.” He also stated that an hour later “Edward Thach Comander of another Sloop, the name whereof this Deponent knows not mounted with Eight Guns & manned with about ninety men came along Side the Said Brigantine and lent their Canoa with Several hands on board her and plundered her.” This is Blackbeard's first documented act of piracy.

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