Cutthroats in the Bahamas! 

May 11, 1717:  Blackbeard sets up camp on the island of New Providence and is operating as a pirate in the Caribbean during the spring of 1717. In a report to the British Council of Trade and Plantations, Captain Mathew Musson describes how the Bahamas has become overrun by pirates. He writes, “At Habakoe one of the Bahamas he found Capt. Thomas Walker and others who had left Providence by reason of the rudeness of the pirates and settled there. They advis’d him that five pirates made ye harbor of Providence their place of rendezvous vizt. Horngold, a sloop with 10 guns and about 80 men; Jennings, a sloop with 10 guns and 100 men; Burgiss, a sloop with 8 guns and about 80 men; White, in a small vessell with 30 men and small armes; Thatch, a sloop 6 gunns and about 70 men. All took and destroyd ships of all nations…” This is the first official account referencing the pirate Edward Thach. Representative image.

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