Blackbeard Pardoned!

June 1718: Blackbeard takes his pick of booty and crew, after grounding the Queen Anne's Revenge and the Adventure, and travels to Bath, NC aboard his Spanish sloop, newly named Adventure [II]. Bath is North Carolina’s oldest town, incorporated in 1705, and the governmental center of the colony. In Bath Thache receives the "gracious pardon" of the Royal Proclamation from Governor Charles Eden. Blackbeard then gives the Governor a share of his plunder. Governor Eden, may have expected the arrival of Blackbeard, having just granted a pardon to pirate Stede Bonnet some time before. Eden knew that compliance with the pirate not only meant that his town would not be attacked, but that a degree of economic gain may also be in the cards. So, when Blackbeard arrived with a questionable ship laden with goods after his departure from Beaufort, Eden chooses to comply with the pirate’s orders. Blackbeard’s past crimes were, for all intents and purposes, forgiven. Finding unaccustomed hospitality from a town in need of an economic boost, Blackbeard decides to take a wife and settle at Plum Point, on the eastern side of Bath Creek. He anchors his sloop at Ocracoke Island, N.C. While in Bath, Blackbeard spends his time in unchecked revelry due to gifts of valuable goods to the local planters.

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