Pirate Bonnet Gives Up His Ship To Blackbeard! 

September 29, 1717: "Gentleman Pirate" Stede Bonnet, who has traded plantation life for a pirate ship, transfers command of his sloop, the Revenge, to Blackbeard. The Revenge is crewed by about 150 men and armed with 12 guns. Bonnet, recovering from serious wounds he and 30-40 of his crew received during an encounter with a Spanish man of war, sees the move as temporary. Reports of the time cite raids along the North American coast, including the capture of the 40 ton sloop Betty after a short fight near the Capes of Virginia. Bonnet and Blackbeard seize “Certain Pipes of Medera Wine and other Goods and Merchandizes” and then sink the Betty in retaliation for resisting the pirates. It is during this encounter that Blackbeard first adopts the lit fuses in his hair and a "three brace of pistols, hanging in holsters like bandoliers." LEARN MORE

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