Blackbeard Captures His New Flagship!

November 17, 1717: The French slaver La Concorde encounters Blackbeard off the coast of Saint Vincent. During the voyage sixty-one slaves and sixteen crewmen expire. Blackbeard and his pirates, aboard two sloops, one with 120 men and twelve cannon, and the other with thirty men and eight cannon, capture the frigate after firing "two volleys of cannons and musketry." The pirates leave the Frenchmen the smaller of Thach's two sloops. Thach forces the three surgeons on board, carpenters and a cook to remain with his pirate crew. The displaced Frenchmen rename the sloop the Mauvaise Rencontre (Bad Meeting), and make sail for Martinique. Blackbeard offloads La Concorde's 455 slaves, crew and cargo in Bequia where the slaves are later recaptured by the returning crew of the Mauvaise Rencontre. Thache then renames La Concorde the Queen Anne's Revenge and equips her with 40 guns. READ MORE

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